Corporate & Organisational Strategy


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Corporate & Organisational Strategy

The last few years of the global downturn have changed the type of strategy work that the market currently demands. Long-term plans have been replaced with a focus on shorter implementation timeframes and a more rapid assessment of performance. Current market conditions don't allow for long periods where the strategic plan isn't effective.

That said the fundamentals of a good growth strategy have not changed. Growth outside of your current product or service portfolio can only come from a finite number of places - the creation of a new product, a new service, the acquisition or merger of a new company or a joint venture.

Truly new products or services are by their nature highly risky so the majority of ‘new’ really only refers to evolution of the current organisation or industry portfolio.

We recommend that our clients develop a broad awareness of innovative business models and tactics across regions and industry sectors.
As the majority of ‘new’ growth is derived from ‘evolution’ then often it is the innovative tweaks of current objectives and tactics, based on lateral industry and regional learnings, which gives you the competitive edge.

New Product Feasibility Assessment

Our feasibility assessment provides you with all the relevant information needed to evaluate potential market opportunities for your new product.

Our comprehensive report generally includes: the current and forecast market size, a competitor analysis, the trends or legislation which will positively or negatively affect the forecasted market size, and a recommendation on route to market.

Acquisition Screening

If your company has decided to expand externally (as opposed to organic growth), we can help you with a comprehensive screening of your acquisition targets in order to assess and determine future opportunities.

Our screening provides you with a rigorous investment assessment including quantitative analysis (financial scenario modelling and forecasting growth opportunities) and qualitative analysis (customer segmentation analysis and strategic synergies) to support your decision-making process.

Acquisition Due Diligence

It is a little spoken fact that ~80% of acquisitions do not realise the synergy values that were highlighted at the time of acquisition.

A broad due diligence of any acquisition target is key to minimising this acquisition risk. Treacy Consulting takes a broad look at due diligence, assessing everything from the core financials to the key stakeholders including customers, employees and systems.

Competitive Analysis

Companies require relevant and updated information on their competitors in order to plan and prepare their strategy for success in the constantly evolving competitive landscape.

Our comprehensive competitive analysis provides you with a compelling profile of the key competitors including their size, ownership structure, products and / or services portfolio, their position within the market, a clear understanding of their strategy, information on new entrants, etc.

Independent Customer Feedback

Soliciting your customer feedback is essential. An independent customer feedback assessment allows your company to effectively handle the current needs and prepare for the future needs of your customers.

We undertake confidential stakeholder consultation, via one-on-one interviews, site visits, focus groups, workshops, and online surveys, with broad customer and stakeholder groups, and conduct thematic analysis of the feedback in order to present our findings under a number of strategic themes.

Strategic Plans

Strategic plans provide the direction for your organisation. Strategic clarity is just as much about what the organisation is not going to implement as it is about what strategic initiatives you are going to initiate.

If your current strategic plan is out of sync with market conditions, or you need to revisit your existing strategy to map out specific actions for the next stage of your organisations development, we develop bespoke strategic plans for short-term (first 100 days to 1 year), medium term (2 to 4 years) or long term (5 years) strategy.

Business Case & Corporate Strategy

A business case is focused on assessing whether or not the broad financials for a new business opportunity stacks up. If a business case is viable we then flesh this out to create an ‘investor-ready’ (board of directors or outside investors) business plan. The business plan assesses a number of elements including full financials and forecasting, customer and competitive analysis and the route-to-market strategy. The plan helps define the sustainable competitive advantage, the vision, goals, tactics and the performance metrics.

Market Trends & Legislation Screening

Knowing what market trends affect your industry allows you to take advantage of positive changes or be proactive in responding to potentially negative changes, including changes in legislation. Horizon scanning and identifying market trends early makes it easier to plan for changes and adapt quicker than your competitors.

When we establish the market size of a new business opportunity it is critical to then look at various demographic and market forecast trends, industry expert market assessments and future legislation that can positively or negatively change that market value.

New Geographic Market Assessments

For companies assessing market entry into new geographies, we provide a simple scoring mechanism across agreed criteria to provide an independent assessment of each country opportunity. We help clients analyse and set market entry budget and risk appetites for each new markets and the strategic sequencing of which markets to enter first. We then can carry out a more rigorous assessment on the top market opportunities, including: initiating discussions with local country based partners, completing an overview of the existing supply and demand and key market stakeholders, legislation scanning, etc.

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