Strategic HR & Organisation Development


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Strategic HR & Organisation Development

Your customers’ demands and competitors’ strategies change all the time. Learn how we help our clients evaluate existing activities, behaviours, strategies and processes in a manner that will help them drive profitable sales growth and give them an edge in their continually changing marketplace.

Strategy Implementation

Strategy implementation is the process that links an organisation’s strategy development, project management and business planning into specific and measurable actions that enable them to successfully accomplish strategic milestones and objectives. Most importantly, implementation planning provides a clear understanding of individual delivery responsibility. The best designed strategic plans can fail to achieve their ambitions if poorly implemented and managed, or if responsibility for delivery of specific actions is not clearly understood or communicated by the management team.

Treacy Consulting incorporate the implementation and execution of our strategic plans into our strategy planning process to ensure our clients are provided with an actionable roadmap to pursue a specific strategic direction.

Strategic Review

A business plan or a strategic plan should not be a rigid document without scope to react to shifting market forces and competitors’ strategies. The most innovative and best implemented strategies can quickly become outdated as external and internal environments change. It is important for any strategy to allow for systematic review, evaluation, and revision.

Strategy review is vital and the timely assessment of incumbent strategies and business plans can alert decision makers to potential problems or limitations before they become serious.

Strategy evaluation is essential to ensure that stated strategic goals and objectives are not only realistic and attainable, but are actually being achieved.

Programme Management

Good programme management is essential for ensuring that multiple projects are delivered in a timely manner, while also demonstrating best value for money through efficient management of limited resources. Treacy Consulting have a successful track record of project managing assignments with limited budgets, resources, and timelines to successful outcomes as a result of our Programme Management Methodology, across a range of services and geographic regions.

Treacy Consulting’s bespoke Programme Management Methodology is based on our experience of completing a wide range of strategy projects successfully for an array of projects. This methodology is based on the PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) developed by the Project Management Institute, and is utilised in combination with our internal Quality Assurance System to ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standards.

Change Management

Companies regularly face periods of transition which affect the organisation, its teams, employees and stakeholders. New product lines, new competitors, mergers, ownership changes, etc. all force the organisation to change in some way.

Treacy Consulting helps CEOs and Business Owners assess, plan and drive profitable changes through their workplaces, be it a ‘Revolution’ or an ‘Evolution’ initiative, and we do so with robust analytical tools and frameworks from working across a wide range of industries and geographies.

Strategic Rewards: From salary benchmarking to flexible benefits

‘What gets tracked gets managed. What gets rewarded gets done.’

Treacy Consulting has unique experience helping companies review, assess and align their reward systems and packages with their business strategies. We have worked with every role in the organisation, from CEO to front line customer facing employees, to improve the relationship between strategic performance and total rewards.

We can help you and or your HR team with:

  • Job and salary benchmarking
  • Gender Pay Gap Services
    • Gender based Market Benchmarking – above or below market medians, upper quartile, lower quartile
    • Gender pay gap analyses – same job, same pay – tenure versus gender differentials – last three years of increases
    • Performance mgmt. gender differences
    • Total reward reviews – by Gender
    • Perks and Benefits analysis – by Gender
    • Equal pay alignment planning – 2 to 4 year fixes
    • Perks and Bens gender alignment – 2 to 4 year fixes
    • 2 to 4 year alignment modelling (Gender salary softeners and sweeteners)
  • Non-cash rewards, Perks and benefits benchmarking
  • Total reward surveys
  • Salary management systems and financial modelling
  • Performance based pay
  • Supply / Demand managers
  • Exec. / employee pay

A salary benchmarking gives a snapshot of where the market is at a certain point in time. Our robust approach developed is based on 20+ years of expertise in the area. Our method is adaptable and can involves several of the steps below depending on the project scope:

  1. Market data gathering from two to three sources depending on the project’s specificities:
    • Current job vacancies (as per the role’s responsibilities and tasks not just the title)
    • Salary Surveys (as relevant to the sector / role)
    • Published payscales, e.g. DoH Consolidated Payscales
    • Specialist recruiters
    • Peer consultations / club surveys
  2. Application of a blend of role matches and tailored dataset weightings
  3. Review the draft results with the client organisation and discuss potential changes as relevant
  4. Refine the draft results and develop final deliverables (incl. ageing of the data as required)
  5. Perks & benefits benchmarking (e.g. pension, overtime/time in lieu, education assistance, bonus, etc.)
  6. Tailored recommendations
  7. Presentation of findings to the Board as required

Organisational Effectiveness

Private and public sector organisations are dynamic entities and they are always changing. We help our clients keep up with this change by helping them with their role redesign projects, organisational structure initiatives, performance management system improvements, performance analyses, and the development of the professional development tools they need to make sure their organisation stays focused on the right performance.

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