Strategic Innovation


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Strategic Innovation

When a company is innovating by way of an idea for a new product, service or is considering entering a new market, Treacy Consulting adds depth and rigor to the proposition by conducting feasibility studies and market validation. We work with management in established organisations to identify innovation prototypes across a wide range of industries; reflecting our broad areas of expertise and flexibility.

In addition to carrying out feasibility studies and market validation, Treacy Consulting also engage in organisational redesign and scenario planning, as well as more traditional strategy consulting, while the organisation undergoes the changes necessary to reflect the marked shift in strategic direction. Our experienced multidisciplinary team use a structured and holistic approach by generating a bespoke business model for the innovation.

More importantly, Treacy Consulting instil an appreciation of the need for continuous innovation in an organisation; across all levels of management, to ensure that the capacity for innovation continues into the future.

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